Muffsy Phono Pre-Amp and Power Supply Kit Review & Thoughts

My Orbit and my Muffsy Pre-Amp

I recently built a new home audio system and decided it would be fun to experiment with vinyl given how trendy it has become.  I should have known right from the get-go that I would I would wind up going a little too far, in typical audiophile fashion.

I had purchased an Orbit turn-table from U-Turn Audio was quickly having all too much fun. I equipped mine with the acryllic platter and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.   I opted not to get their Pluto pre-amp as my Parasound amp includes a phono stage.   This was great for getting started but left something to be desired, as with many built-in phono stages.

After some research, I came upon the Muffsy Hi-Fi Phono Pre-Amp and Power Supply kits.  I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron and so this looked like a lot of fun.   I purchased the phono pre-amp and power supply and it was shipped in no-time.  I already had some OPA2134 op-amps on hand (the upgrade option) so that was helpful.

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