Calling all Drone Enthusiasts — Stop crazy vigilantes from shooting down drones

There is a new petition on relating to drone’s being shot down all across america.  Worse yet, these people are seen as heroes when in-fact they are just reckless vandals.  This petition asks the DOJ and the FBI to prosecute such crimes as they should be for shooting down an air-craft which is a federal crime.

Please sign the petition here to protect our drones!

My new Adafruit-inspired Robot

I have long been a fan of Adafruit.   They offer some really amazing kits, complete with specs, schematics, examples and all kinds of wonderful code and instructions for the tinkering.   I’ve had many hours of fun building and tweaking projects consisting largely of their components.

I have built robots in the past but they had turned out to be more cumbersome than expected.  They were heavy and buggy.  A lot of this was due to designs that were overkill (a bit too ambitious).  Since that time I’ve wanted to build something a bit more lean, simple and fun to operate.


I then stumbled across this $24.95 kit on Adafruit’s site and I couldn’t resist.

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