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Long ago, before the days of LEDs, LCDs and vacuum fluroescent displays there was briefly a display technology known as the Nixie tube.  A “backronym” standing for (N)umeric (I)ndicator e(X)perimental,  these glow discharge tubes (think fluoresent signs) could display numbers with certain models displaying a limit set of symbols, too.  The former Soviet Union produced and used these quite a bit in things like calculators and scientific equipment.

In more recent years there has been a revival of the Nixie Tube as there are tons of them still sitting in warehouses.  In many cases they are being used in clocks.

I decided it would be be fun to build some of these, both for myself and Gemma but also as Xmas gifts for others.

This is called the “Funklock” which uses IN-12 tubes.

This is what it looks like mid-assembly:

This one is among my favorites.  A “Single Nixie,” it blinks out the current time on digit at a time on an IN-18 tube:

These kits are from the great folks at PV Electronics in the UK.  According to my research (and experience), they have the best Nixie kits on the market. I have one more that I am working on which I will add later.

Update 12/23/2017:

A whole bunch of Nixie Clocks!

Gemma’s X-Mas Gift, utilizing IN-14 tubes:

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