My Fruitytode — adapted from Nematoduino

I recently read about Nathan Griffith’s Nematoduino, a full brain simulation (all 302 neurons!) of a nematode on Arduino, with great fascination. I thought it was soooooo cool and immediately wanted one of my own. The source code was released, but unfortunately no hardware diagrams came along with the code. I read through the code and determined that H-bridges were needed — I did not have these on-hand. I did, however, have an Adafruit Motor Shield. I decided to adapt Nematoduino for my hardware and I was successful with very little effort.

It was actually very easy to adapt. The author is setting motor speed using 8 bit resolution, the same as an Adafruit Motor Shield would. I changed his motor commands slightly to signal the motor shield in terms of speed and direction.  I made some minor pin selection changes, making pin 13 the indicator pin for the ping sensor.  I also disabled the stop/start push-button switch out of convenience but this easily re-enabled.

I was then able to load up my sketch and enjoy my nematode!

My build:
– Arduino Leonardo (32u4) — Uno should also work
Adafruit Motor Shield
Mini 2WD motor chassis with motors
– 1x HC-SR04 ping sensor
4x AA battery pack (for motors)

My circuit diagram from Fritzing:


The sketch for my build can be obtained here.

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